Make an extra income connecting us with sellers

Now you can join our team as an External Collaborator, with a single requisite: Having contacts!


¿How does it work?

If you refer us to someone looking to sell their home and we manage to sell it successfully, then you will immediately have a share of the profit. You simply match us with the seller and we take care of the rest. It´s that simple!

1. You connect us

You connect us with that person you know who wants to sell their property.

2. We sell

We take care of all the steps to market the property.

3. We pay

Upon completion of the sale, you will receive your participation immediately.
It´s that simple!

Now you can have a reward just for having family, colleagues, coworkers or clients, without any extra effort!

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Who can become an External Collaborator with InversionesBCN?

Any adult over 18 years of age can be our collaborator. Our scope for this campaign is Barcelona city and surroundings.

Become part of our team, without needing any real estate knowledge and without having to dedicate your time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the most common questions that may come up when becoming an External Collaborator with InversionesBCN

How does the collaboration process work?

When you contact us, the first step will be to sign a collaboration agreement, so that you can rest assured of your rights. After that, you connect us with the person who is looking to sell and we begin to market that apartment. We will be able to inform you of any news and progress throughout the process.

Finally, once the deed of sale has been signed and the commission received, the payment of the collaboration will be made to the bank account that you have previously indicated to us.

Do I have to be an "Autónomo" to become a Collaborator?

The fundamental condition to be “Autónomo” is to have a regular activity. For this reason, when a person performs an isolated work that does not constitute their usual activity and does not generate income higher than the minimum interprofessional salary, they are not obliged to register as a self-employed person (Autónomo) with Social Security. However, it is always mandatory to register with the Treasury (Hacienda).

For this reason, for the non-self-employed, the commissions generated will not be subject to VAT but to withholding (IRPF), according to the binding consultation of the General Directorate of Taxes (DGT V0806-15).

What is the commission that I will receive from my collaboration?

The commission will be of €1,000 for each property contributed and successfully sold by InversionesBCN.

What if my seller has more than one property for sale?

If the seller with whom you have connected us has several properties for sale, the collaboration is respected and maintained for all of them, for a maximum period of 2 years.

How long will it take from me?

Only the time it takes to sign the contract with us and refer us to the seller. Then, we will take care of the rest, photographs, publication, filtering of leads, negotiation, deposit, and signing of the deed of sale. Therefore, this collaboration will not require your time or effort, but simply your contact with seller.

When can I start being a Collaborator?

¡Today! Fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you. After asking you a few questions and clarifying any doubts, we will start working together! You can also contact us by email at [email protected], or by phone at 931 592 484.


Our Collaborators

Great service and personalized attention.
A pleasure to work with you!

Highly recommended. All the initially agreed conditions were respected, without surprises. We will continue working together without a doubt.

“I loved working with InversionesBCN. Very professional and transparent conditions, no hidden clauses.”

I was looking for an extra income so this was perfect! I only contacted them with my friend who was selling her apartment and they did all the rest.

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