We have witnessed that 2021 has left us with very positive price levels and a marked increase compared to the previous year. The main impulse has been given by the consumption reactivation after the confinements, added to new housing needs and the attractive mortgages landscape. Now, how is this new year shaping up for the sector?

According to most experts and industry benchmarks, expectations are optimistic as 2022 will continue to see the real estate sector maintain growth in activity. However, the appearance of other COVID variants, the rise of inflation and the scarcity of raw materials could also frustrate some forecasts. Uncertainty remains a crucial issue, as rising infections and new variants of the virus carry the threat of more movement restrictions.

Other experts predict a plateau of transactions once the demand accumulated throughout the pandemic is fully satisfied. However, New Build housingcould continue to see high volumes, since these are the products that will be able to meet the new requirements, with more comfortable homes with more common areas, gardens, terraces and high rates of energy saving and sustainability.

Will property prices go up?

Here we should also differentiate between second-hand homes and New Builds. At InversionesBCN, we do not believe that prices will skyrocket in 2022 and the increase, if any, will be moderate. Something quite different could happen with New Construction homes, subject to fluctuations such as increases in raw materials, or difficulties in finding adequate labour.

Is this a good time to buy?

The main experts agree that we are at an excellent time to acquire a property, both as an investment and as a home. After these 2 years of confinement and uncertainty, the indicators continue to be optimistic: many families have had the opportunity to save more, prices continue to be relatively low, and added to the low interest rates on mortgages, all this favours the scenario for investing in property.

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